Hire Lisa to facilitate meaningful conversations for your Company Team, Retreat, Transformational Travel Experience, Mastermind or Peer Group.

Experience Design

Hire Lisa to design powerful moments of connection for your transformational travel or hospitality experience, team off-site or retreat.  She will consult with you on desired outcomes and plan your event for your business or community.  The result will be an completely up-leveled experience that accelerates authentic relationships and creates lasting memories people will be talking about in the months and years to come. 

1:1 Coaching

Lisa works privately with a limited number of clients who are motivated to catalyze deeper authentic relationships by accelerating their growth and become better connectors, leaders and masterful conversationalists.

She also offers professional business consultancy services to strategize on ways to cultivate a more deeply connected workplace culture.


Become a powerful conversationalist by learning to ask thoughtful questions that move quickly from small talk to meaningful talk 

  • Accelerate friendships with like-minded people
  • Gain more confidence in¬† networking
  • Enable intimacy in any social gathering
  • Overcome social anxieties

Connected Culture

Elevate your leadership to strengthen the connectivity of your workplace culture

  • Leading with heart
  • Aligning connection strategies with your company‚Äôs core values
  • Integrating connection mindset and actions into your daily practices


Learn to communicate with care, compassion and candor to improve any interpersonal relationship

  • Navigate conflict in a healthy way
  • Communicate needs and boundaries with radical candor
  • Effectively share feedback and appreciation¬†
  • Make curiosity your superpower to build strong relationships in the workplace


Build or expand your tribe with intention

  • Overcome fear of evolving friendships that may not have similar values/interests
  • Effectively navigate changing your close friendships
  • Create new friendships with like-minded people


How to tell your personal to draw people in and make them remember you

  • Conversational storytelling
  • Sharing your story in public thought leadership interviews
  • Creating a signature talk to tell your personal and business story for impact on stage
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