Hi! I’m so happy you are here!  Allow me to share a little bit about myself so we can start to get connected….

I’m a Human Connection Facilitator and Conversation Coach, and the founder and Chief Connector of Firestart Connections.  I am passionate about helping people create meaningful authentic relationships by quickly elevating conversations from small talk to real talk to ignite a more connected life and workplace culture.  

As the creator of Connection Hour®, a powerful experience that ignites meaningful conversations to deepen relationships, I am on a mission to help teams and individuals have better conversations to connect better with anyone. 

Prior to becoming a connection alchemist, I was a former marketing leader who deeply believed in leading a people-first, heart-led and authentic approach to create more connected internal work cultures. 

In my personal life, I am known by my friends for being a “connector” and love supporting others in their learning journeys with personal growth resources, hosting intentional gatherings, traveling across the country and globe to connect and meet new people, and connecting through conversation and dance.

Lisa's Mantras

The quality of our relationships determined the quality of our lives.  And what determines the quality of our relationships is the quality of our conversations. 

That is why I reject small talk, and believe in real talk!  Some of my other core beliefs in how we live and work are...


  • I believe the quality of our conversations and the power of asking better questions are the gateway to meaningful connections.
  • I believe that when we go below the surface, the conversation is more interesting and life is more fulfilling. 
  • I believe too may people think they need to talk more than they listen.  Listening to understand, not to respond and insert your view or experience, is the fastest way to deepen connection and quickly makes someone feel seen. 
  • I believe we have the opportunity to learn or spark change from any conversation. 
  • I believe by becoming a master conversationalist, we control conversations to quickly learn who someone is and what they care about which helps up connect more deeply with those we meet, work with and love. 


  • I believe that an organization should care about people before profit.  The profit comes because you nurture the people.
  • I believe companies have a responsibility to support their employee’s well-being and growth.
  • I believe that we are defined by way more that "what we do" and sharing our personal lives at work is one of the fastest ways to build a stronger relationship.
  • I believe that having friends at work that you can confide in improves fulfillment and retention.
  • I believe when people are more connected in the workplace and feel more seen and valued, they are more engaged, supportive, collaborative and joyful.  

Lisa's Experience

  • Certified Facilitator of the Xchange Approach, a world-renown leader in facilitation whose model enables exponential outcomes by choreographing conversations that unlock collective wisdom.

  • Graduate of HeartRise Foundations Course, a coaching methodology to lead with heart.

  • Former successful Marketing Executive with 20+ years’ experience designing connected experiences, coaching & mentoring and training teams, and building brands by telling their stories effectively to create emotional connection.

  • Completed over 5,000 hours of personal growth experiences & leadership training specially centered around Conscious Leadership, Appreciative Inquiry, Radical Candor, Non-Violent Communication, Intentional Living, and Emotional Intelligence.

  • MBA from USC Business School and BBA from Emory University.

  • Listen, learn and connect with people meaningfully every, single, day. 

Lisa's Personal Journey

I have been a lifelong connector and founded Firestart Connections™ in 2021 when I decided to fully step into my purpose - to help people connect better, by having more meaningful conversations.

There have been three key experiences in my lifetime that have led me to where I am today: the loss of my father to cancer, working at Wente Vineyards Winery and sparking the Make Time® Movement, and renting a campervan and traveling across America to create "Acts of Connection" with everyone I met... 

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