Thought on overcoming disconnection in a remote/hybrid workplace

Aug 16, 2022

I'm doing a quick survey and wanted to know if I can ask you a direct question….

My question is this: When was the last time you felt really authentic and connected at work?  


I was chatting with my friend Michael about his past company life and he was openly sharing how he got to a point that he felt defeated by isolation and toxicity, and felt he was only ever asked something about “doing the work” and he always had to put on a mask and shield to project a certain image to feel accepted.  It was exhausting and disheartening, as he didn’t feel people cared about him as a person or took the time to get to know him and what his perspectives were.  He got to a point that he felt the only way through was to leave his company.  Michael is an incredible person, smart, caring and creative, and could offer so much value to any organization.  What he shared with me is something that I have heard many times from members of my community and clients:


"I hate to admit it... Every single day, I felt a bit lonely and like I was just going through the motions, and thought to myself…work should be way more fun and fulfilling than this.”


I share this because I realize you have been wanting to find a way to solve the problem of disconnection in a remote world and know that if you could just find a way to bring back the water cooler conversations, impromptu fly-bys and team happy hours to your company, you would probably be in such a better place.”


For this reason, I am committed to helping leaders like Michael (and you if you can relate!) shift the paradigm to create strong connectivity in a remote/hybrid world. 


I unlocked a proprietary methodology that completely shifts the connectivity in the workplace, where people can show up as their full selves, and quickly feel seen, heard and understood by their colleagues, all while having fun learning and growing together.  I’m so excited about the tangible results this is showing, proven to increase engagement, strengthen relationships, build trust, improve open communication, and improve retention, that I want to serve more teams!  


Most leaders are too overwhelmed with strategy and managing day to day business to also have capacity to create innovative solutions for this, and therefore hope that just doing occasional virtual games and happy hours will eventually meet this objective.  While there’s not just one silver bullet, and a combination of activities matters, I can state with confidence that the impact of having more meaningful conversations with intention and consistency is a complete accelerator. 


Let’s create a plan together to free up your time and energy thinking about this challenge and instead, putting actions in motion this week that can support a powerful shift so your coworkers feel more connected, fulfilled, authentic and empowered at work to help you achieve your desired business outcomes. 


Imagine if you went INTO this Summer with strong, more authentic relationships at work, feeling higher energy and excitement from better connection, collaboration and creativity together to help deliver strong business results the back half of the year!  


I am here for you! CLICK HERE to schedule your FREE Team Connection Breakthrough Call this week so you are totally prepared to enhance the connectivity in your culture to set your team up for success this year!

Live & work connected,


P.S.  The question I asked you is also a great one to ask your colleagues to learn more about how they feel! This will also give you insight as to what makes them feel connected and what may hold them back from feeling that they can be fully authentic, and what may be possible if they felt they could bring more of their full selves to work.


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