5 Ways to Connect Better at Events

May 07, 2023

I often hear people fear or dread going to professional events & social gatherings.   

It can sometimes feel overwhelming, uncomfortable, and energy draining.

It can be challenging to not take things personally.  

The key is to be empowered to optimize every interaction through how you show up. 

A client who was feeling this shared with me after participating in our online group connection program, “In a very short time, I saw significant changes in how I opened up to people and reduced my anxiety. I learned how other people opened up to me and how I could slow down and listen. My conversations and confidence quickly improved.” 

The things she learned are skills anyone can implement. 


Here are 5 ways to connect better at an event:

  1. Start small - find one person to start a conversation with

If you are overwhelmed by crowds, focus on just one person first to speak to and enjoy an interaction with. The second becomes much easier once you calm your nerves.

  1. Focus on the other person 

We often think we have to prove ourselves and so we over-talk. Showing genuine interest in someone else goes a long way and it takes you out of your own head early on about what that person might be thinking about you.  

For list of 10 Questions that help build rapport at events, email "EVENT QUESTIONS" to [email protected].

  1. Trust everyone is interesting 

All humans are fascinating. You just have to be curious enough to learn about someone and there is always something to learn through hearing about someone’s experiences.  

  1. Trust you are interesting 

Because you are.

  1. Do something to uplift your energy before walking into the event 

Mediate, jump, dance, breathe, walk. Whatever it is, your energy is what creates immediate attraction. Go in strong. 


When we practice doing these consistently, we will connect with more ease and confidence.

Be open and transparent. 


Connection Tip

When we are at an event, sometimes we can make people feel stuck in a conversation and want to complete it in order to be able to mingle.

Can you relate? This tends to feel awkward.

Oftentimes, we excuse ourselves and say we are going to the bathroom or getting a drink, when in reality, we just don’t know how to be honest without offending someone. 

Here are 3 tips to do this comfortably for you and the other person:

  1.  Acknowledge.  Tell the person a reason you enjoyed connecting with them and why. This helps them feel valued and to not take it personally. 
  2.  Be polite and transparent. Kindly let them know that while you have loved connecting with them, you also want to be sure to take the opportunity to meet additional people at the gathering (which you would imagine they also came to do as well).  State you are going to excuse yourself for that reason.
  3.  Bring closure. If you want to be sure to connect later with them, tell them. 


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