How to Create & Strengthen Relationships Through More Meaningful Conversation

Learn 3 simple ways to connect better with anyone to accelerate and strengthen relationships with people you meet, work with, care about and love. Gain tools to quickly go below the surface in your conversations to maximize any interaction 1:1 or in any gathering. 

Asking Better Questions to Build More Meaningful Relationships

Learn how to show up with more curiosity to shift everyday questions into more insightful questions that will maximize your time in any interaction to accelerate and strengthen personal and professional relationships.  Walk away with a better understanding on why curiosity is foundational to feel confident in any interaction and gain a toolkit of 3 simple & powerful questions you can ask anyone to connect better in minutes. 

Creating Inclusivity Through Cultivating Curiosity

Learn how to have connected conversations to feel a sense of belonging.  Walk away with a new understanding of people’s background and the experiences that have shaped them and how showing up with more curiosity and compassion will build bridges and create safe spaces where people can be their full authentic selves.